What is Post-Op Yoga?

Post-Op Yoga was designed to help people of all ages exercise their entire body after surgery. The purpose of Post-Op Yoga is to restore your body’s function as much as possible. Most often after surgery patients are reluctant to try any type of exercise because of their fear of injury to the operated area. In other cases, patients focus on exercising only their operated body part and ignore the rest of their body, which often leads to secondary health complications.
With Post-Op Yoga, patients can focus on maintaining the whole body wellness, as well as restoring function of their operated area as early as second post-operative week. Post-Op Yoga helps to facilitate post-operative recovery, as well as reduce stress. Post-Op Yoga was developed by a doctor of physical therapy. What makes Post-Op Yoga unique is that it was designed for people to practice yoga while still following all post-operative precautions.

Why Post-Op Yoga?

Post-Op Yoga teaches simple, slow, and gentle movements that gradually build flexibility and strength, improve coordination, and reduce stress.  It includes movements that could be beneficial not only for post-operative patients, but also for people with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Post-Op Yoga provides instructional videos for people after surgeries:

• Total Hip Replacement (THR)
• Partial Hip Replacement (PHR)
• Open Reduction Internal Fixation

THORACIC SURGERIES that involve median sternotomy

Cardiothoracic open heart surgeries
• Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
• Heart Valve Repair or Replacement

Lung surgeries
• Lobectomy
• Pneumonectomy
• Wedge or Sleeve Resection