Our Client Testimonials

I purchased "post-op yoga in chair after hip replacement surgery" DVDs to try. I am familiar with Yoga but haven't practiced it for a long time because of the hip pain, and after my hip replacement surgery was afraid to do anything to begin with. I was worried that the DVD's would be too complicated, but this was perfect. This DVD was great because it was simple and straightforward, while included all postoperative precautions. I only wish they will have DVD for one year after hip replacement.

Erin M.

The title Post-op Yoga does not mislead, it is for people after hip surgery. If you don't have much background in yoga and don’t know what moves you can or cannot do, this is the DVD for you. Even if you do have some experience with yoga, it’s different after hip surgery…you feel helpless. I did post-op yoga every day and it helped me to gain confidence and strength back.

Jack P.